New for students

If you are a student on JimTalk, here’s a quick overview of the changes you can expect to see when your JimTalk site is using JimTalk 3.1:

Assessing and grading

Learning plans:

  • If your organisation uses learning plans with Competency based education, you can view your learning plans from your profile or a Learning plans block on your dashboard.
  • You can also upload evidence of prior learning

Check progress and request reviews:

Click a learning plan to view the competencies, check their status, request a review or find other courses with those competencies.

Receive annotated assignment submissions:

If enabled by the administrator, you can upload docx or odt files as assignment submissions and they will be converted to pdf files with the teacher’s annotations ready for you to download and view.


Bulk download files

If your teacher has added folders to your course, you can now download all the files inside them as a zipped folder for easy offline access.

Search the site:

  • If your admin has enabled it, a search box to the left of your user menu will allow you to search for specific resources and activities everywhere you have access to (1).
  • You can also add a Global search block to your Dashboard to search from there as well (2).

Find tagged activities:

Activities and resources can now be tagged by the teacher, making it easy for you to find related useful content:


Send messages more efficiently:

  • You can now find the Message button directly next to the user’s picture, making it much easier to get in touch.

Link directly to forum posts

A new permalink feature allows you easily to copy and share direct links to important forum posts.


Improved quiz navigation styling enables you to easily see questions you got correct, essay questions awaiting marking and more.

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